Welcome to my website! I recently earned an MS in Experience Design at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. My areas of focus have been experiences of music listening and creation, issues related to social justice, and redesigning technology to prioritize meaningful human interaction.

While earning a BS with honors in Chemical Engineering from UConn in 2017, I worked on design problems that required analytical and critical thinking skills, a strong understanding of complex systems, and the ability to conduct scientific research. I have built upon my foundation in design by studying at Northeastern, learning how to approach wicked problems, conduct qualitative research in a variety of methods, prototype for experience, and see design objects as rhetorical arguments.

Please check out some of my projects and feel free to reach out through one of the channels below. I would love to chat about the design field and my work. Other topics I'd love to discuss include the NBA, hip-hop and indie rock, and the latest movies.

Email: colin dot gerrity at gmail dot com

Resume: click here